Saturday, March 3, 2012

Even crazy running mama's have off days!

I was supposed to run 12km today but honestly I just wasn't feeling it. I went onto my treadmill and had picked out a nice show to watch and was excited about it, but once I started running I was just was not feeling it. I waited until my baby was down for a nap, so it was all perfect but my legs and me were not feeling it. It's odd for me because I rarely get that feeling of not wanting to keep running once I stick it out for the 20 minute minimum. I could hear my hubby and toddler playing and I wanted to join them and not be jumping around downstairs going no where, even if it's good for me. So I hoped off my treadmill and went upstairs to join my family. I ran errands with Lillian while Steve and Katrina napped and I must say it was great to only have to take one with me. Then I made mushroom soup for lunch from skinnytaste and it's so good as always. And then for dinner I made a lovely turkey dinner. Now  to be fair I didn't make a whole turkey but just the chest with loads of veggies and roasted potatoes. And we had our choice of desserts with all the baking I've been doing! I really enjoyed having a nice family dinner and now I have all this food in my fridge and we're going to eat like kings this week! I have a list in my head of what to make when, and I can tell you we're eating healthy and yummy food all week!

So I will enjoy my non-running day tomorrow and be ready to rock my tempo run come Monday! I figured that considering it was a rest week, and I did some work out DVDs last night that I could take it easy today and enjoy some family time. I did some math, because you all know how much I love my math, and during my half marathon training that started on November 1st, 2011, I have run a total of 529.22km in 65 hours and 2 minutes. That is just INSANE!! That breaks down to running 4.27km or 31:28 every single day! And that is only my running exercise! When I told Steve he said that scares him since you're supposed to get a half hour of exercise every day, but I reminded him that I also have boot camp and DVD workouts and other stuff in there too and that these numbers are only my running. But still, that's pretty crazy! Now I'm curious to see what I manage to achieve at the end of my race in April.

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