Sunday, March 11, 2012

Organizing Sunday.

I'm starting to enjoy these rest days. I used to wish that I could run every day of the week but today I did a lot around the house and worked on setting up our girls' rooms. We took the bunk bed apart in Lillian's room so that Katrina can have a bed in her room. Obviously my little 9 month old is too small to sleep in a bed yet, but I think it's better to have it in there now. We moved her baby swing out of the room since she's too big to really use it a lot now, and we've taught her to go to sleep without it now. We bought some storage boxes with fun animals on them for the kids' rooms and now I'm working on setting up places to put them. But most of all I'm sorting through their clothes. Katrina hit another growth spurt and we had to move a bunch more of her clothes out of the closet and move in the next size stuff. So now the summer stuff is all in boxes in her closet waiting for the warm weather and the 12 month stuff is all hanging up. I get to play dress up with her a lot this week since she's got so many new clothes.

Something really exciting for me is in this whole process I found a box labelled "Alice's pants - size 8/10" and when we opened it I found 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair cords and 1 pair dressy pants that all fit me right now in addition to 3 more pairs I need to work to fit into. Crazy! I also got a pair of pants from Cecilia that I can wear now too! Though I'm a bit confused by hers since she gave them to me because they didn't fit her, and she said I'd need to hem them, but they are the perfect length for me. If I haven't told you Cecilia is a lot taller than I am, probably 4 -5 inches so she must have given them to me because they were too short. Either way I have so many pants that fit now I'm a very happy Alice. Now I have to expand my wardrobe beyond baggy t-shirts and over sized jeans since I no longer have any excuses! I sent my too big pants to my mom's and bought a few fun size M shirts today and will move my other size M shirts out of the drawer.

Looks like I actually have to start putting effort into myself again besides just running!

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