Monday, March 26, 2012

Rest Week

So today starts another rest week and as normal it starts off with a rest day. I'm learning to enjoy my rest days a lot more. Sadly, I think I enjoy them because without having to worry about how, and when to fit in my run I manage to get a lot more things done around the house! For example today I've already gone grocery shopping (by walking the girls in the double stroller to the store), baked bread, finished some laundry, played with the girls, and while both girls are napping I'm baking sandwich buns. So a very productive day, though I have no idea what I'll be cooking for dinner. Steve will be eating leftovers from the weekend before going out and now I'm not sure what I will be eating. I know what we're having tomorrow, but planning meals usually happens when I know two adults are eating.

My feet are feeling much better today. They were sore after my long run yesterday but now I'm back to normal. I like how quickly my body bounces back now that I've been doing all this exercise. Hard to believe that I can punch out almost 20k and then spend the next day pushing my kids to and from the store and then chase Lillian around the kitchen while carrying Katrina! Crazy! Anyone out there who wants to know what that is like, can strap a 17lbs weight on your left hip and run circles around your island in the kitchen. Lots of fun and obviously burns extra calories. Crazy to think that I dropped enough weight to have literally lost 2 whole Katrinas. So when I carry her around and get tired I have to remember that I used to have two of her on my body at all times! I am so happy that I don't have that anymore.

It's nice that I fit into my work clothes and am feeling more like me. Now I just need to drop a little more weight so I can go and do some major summer clothes shopping. Last time around I went back to work in October so a lot of my work clothes are winter appropriate or Fall temperature so I think I get to go and buy some sexy summer gear. A few sassy skirts, a nice dress, a cute spring trench coat, a few cute flats, and so on. I'm really excited too, because I'm working on my sewing skills a lot and I'm going to try sewing a dress for Lillian. It's crazy pink, which I don't love so much, but figure if I like it, I can make it in any colour I want and the pink fabric is soft and was a $3 thrift store purchase so if I seriously mess up, who cares! But the real reason I'm doing that is that I want to try sewing a dress for myself. I find now that I'm a size 8/10 I find dresses to fit my hips and waist easy but it's hard to get a dress that flatters my bust and can handle my generous bust. So I have a few patterns and Cecilia has agreed to help me with this project so I am super excited but first I have to get a handle on a simpler dress. Wish me luck!

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