Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thinning Thursday.

So today was another major success on the weight loss front! I am down another 1.2lbs this week, putting me at 157 exactly. That leaves me 8.8lbs to drop to hit post Lillian weight and only 12 to get to goal. I'm feeling really good about all this. I wasn't sure if I would lose anything this week after last week's awesome loss but instead I not only lost weight but lost over a pound. That means I've lost 74% of my weight so far! I have a feeling that it's all this running I've been doing that is really pushing my weight loss to go so well. 49km followed by 43km is really not going to hurt weight loss, as long as you eat healthy, which I do. This week I won't run as far but it's all outside and pushing myself.

So while I don't like having time goals for weight loss I should mention that I have 10 weeks until I go back to work and only 8.8lbs to drop. I must say it would feel pretty good if I were in the 140's when I went back, and even better if I was actually at post-Lillian weight for my first day. So I guess I have a mini goal for myself. Now I'm realistic about things. In the next 10 weeks I have tapper weeks, a race weekend, post race rest weeks and my Oma visiting. But I also have a half marathon, another 3 boot camp classes, a week of my hubby being home, and my Oma being here so I can run solo then. I won't be disappointed if I don't make it but I may have to come up with a reward for when I do hit it!

In other great accomplishments, I ran my fastest pace 5k yesterday. It was meant to just be an easy run but keeping on a certain speed while running outside with a Garmin is actually REALLY hard. So in my process of trying to his a 5.3mph I ended up at 5.5mph with a 6:47 pace or 33:55 for my 5k. I can't believe that a silly little, should have been easy, 5k actually had a faster pace than my speed runs! But I guess that's something I can be really proud of, especially since I was struggling so much in the Winter with my outside runs. Cecilia suggested that my easy pace may have changed, or that it is different on different days. I think my legs were still tuned in to Monday's tempo run where I was hitting 5.6 mph since over half the time I looked at my speed on my Garmin I was going 5.6 mph. So now I'm all proud and I think next week when I have a rest week I may do a 5k outside and really try to push myself and see if I can't knock that number down a bit further. We'll see what my coach says about that.

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  1. I love to read about your determination. I am motivated to pursue my weight loss goal too. Good job!