Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Training Tuesday - Week 19

That's right, you are reading that weekly total correctly. I ran a total of 49km this week which is the most of any week since Katrina was born. More to the point, I ran for over 6 hours this week! That is some serious dedication!

As I noted on Monday, my tempo run was awful. I had a bad run. They happen to all of us and I won't dwell on it anymore!

Tuesday and Wednesday had such wonderful weather here that I broke out of my shell and took the girls outside in my jogging stroller for a nice outside run. Tuesday they both fell asleep so I kept running until one of them woke up and then ran the last little bit home. On Wednesday I promised Lillian we'd go to the park after so she was not going to sleep. We did a little run and then headed to the park. It took 2 suckers to keep her from waking up her sister while we ran too!

Friday brought snow, and cold, so I ran a quick treadmill run while my ladies both slept. I know I avoid doing runs while they nap but I figured that since it was an easy run and the distance was negotiable because of my long run the next day it was worth the risk. Frankly it all worked out in my books!

My Saturday long run was a lot of fun. I actually did the run in two parts. My mother took Lillian to her house at lunch so I got ready to go out and Steve decided that he and Katrina would join me. He hasn't run very much lately, and by very much I mean at all in the past few months so I figured a 10.25km would be a big challenge for him. We took it at his comfortable pace, which was 8:54 and considering he had not run in a while and we had the jogging stroller, I'm happy with our pace. I  had a great time with my husband and we got to talk on the run too. I enjoyed talking about where we think we'll be in 5 years, about our home business, etc... After the baby fussed, I dropped them off and had a quick pit stop and then headed out for the second part of my long run. I ran an additional 7.65km at my own pace, which ended up being 7:23. I only walked up the hills on the route and otherwise ran consistently the whole time. I'm really proud of this run, since it was very windy and I have to say if I had looked at the wind speed I would not have let Steve join me because I was reminded that the jogging stroller has a sail when it's windy outside.

Overall I am so excited by how well this week went and have great hopes for next week.

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