Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Training Tuesday

What a great week! I did boot camp again, missed a running day, and ran in crazy heat.

My tempo run on Monday was AWESOME. I did it outside for the first time which taught me how hard it is to run to a pace or speed outside. It's crazy hard, but I managed to do it after a few miles. The hard part about this run was hitting and sticking to the 5.6mph I had to run for the 5 miles of tempo. Near the end the tempo was getting really hard for me, but I pushed it and wow did it feel amazing but during the run I seriously wanted the run to END! I thought I might puke after the tempo and ended up with my hands on my knees catching my breathe before I could jog home and that was a new thing for me.

My little run was good too, and the odd thing was I planned to run at a comfortable pace and every time I looked at my watch I was running 5.6 mph. I almost felt as if my legs were trapped in that speed from Monday. So the long story short of my run was that I ended up running a person best of an outside 5k at 33:55 which is AWESOME!

Finally I ran a great long run on Sunday. I had to take some energy item with me and found out the Power Bar energy bites are GREAT! I don't like gels because the texture puts me off. I don't like gummies because they stick in my teeth. So I may have just found my running food for when I start my marathon training. I did the route that Cecilia and I did the previous weekend. For me to get to the start of her route, at least one corner of it, took 4.1km so when I added getting to the route, and then running home plus one loop around the park I managed to push it up to 19.6km. I even managed to rock my pace. I ran a 7:34 pace when my long run pace is supposed to be 7:50-8:50, even with Cecilia bumping me down to 7:40. This was my last crazy long run before my half-marathon on April 29th. Right now my coach doesn't know whether she'll be running it, and I just found out my Oma won't be here so I may be pushing through it alone if the weather is yucky or the girls are too fussy for Steve to bring, but I know I can do it. I've run two half-marathons before plus, on Sunday I could have kept running if I wanted to even though my feet hurt so no fear.

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