Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Closing in.

So my race is only 11 days away. Eikkk! Right now the weather is set to be a low of 9 with a high of 18 with scattered showers. So as far as weather goes it is looking good to me. Let's hope that it sticks around so I can have a great run and hopefully in not too much wind. For the next 11 days I plan to run as follows:
Thursday - medium (5-10k), easy run
Saturday - my 5k race + 5k
Monday / Tuesday - cross training / medium, easy run
Thursday - medium, easy run
Sunday - run Half-marathon

Speaking of cross training, last night I tested out the fitness/dance studio I found in Kitchener and I have to say I'm very happy. I don't love that I have to drive 20-25 minutes to and from the class, or that I have to park in the down town core, but I love the variety of classes that will be available to me. I tried out Zumba yesterday and had a lot of fun doing that. Some other classes they have that I want to try include the following:
  • yoga
  • pole dancing
  • bootcamp
  • butts & gutts
  • strength and flexibility
  • it's britney B*@*%!
  • pilates
  • yoga relax
  • ballet bootcamp
So as you can see there is a HUGE amount of things I can sign up for. I love that I can go when I want since classes run from 5-9pm, and I can easily fit it into Steve's work schedule! The other great thing is that we are only paying for classes that I attend. If something comes up (like a feverish baby) I just don't go we we don't lose anything or waste money. So my plan is when I go next week I am going to buy one of the packages they have so instead of paying $12 a visit I'll only have to pay $10. They also have unlimited monthly passes so if I get board of running on the treadmill in the winter I can sign up for that and go as often as I like. I'm pretty excited about this but I'll have to wait until May 7th when they update the schedule for the summer to see how many of the classes that I want to take fall only Monday and Wednesday which are my possible cross training days!

Either way if I take the list above, add in biking (whether it be with or without the girls in the stroller) and my plan to take my hubby rock climbing in May and I am going to rock this whole cross training thing.

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