Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Did you know ...

that I am awesome? Because I am! Apparently all my sad, feeling bad funk needed was a run with my coach and BRF. I did an easy 5km run in the park by her apartment today after she finished work, and I feel so much better. There is something about talking out all your running fears with someone who has rocked so many races to just put your mind as ease and your fears to rest. So in case you were wondering I am a super awesome running mother and will continue to rock this.

I've really been enjoying my husband being home this week. It's only been two days for this week, but I am enjoying it. I got to go for my run today with my coach and didn't have to worry about what time I went, and such because my hubby was here to watch the girls. And Steve got to take our car in for a slight repair and tire rotation. Now I'm waiting for a sale on a tire rack from Canadian Tire so we have somewhere to put the second set of tires. We have two cars, and two sets of tires for each car. And then we're going to get a bicycle trailer to attach to a bike, so I can take the girls around further than in the jogging stroller, and not have to use the car.

I am really trying to figure out some activity things that I can do during the three weeks that I am tapering for my half-marathon and getting ready to start training for my marathon. I am not allowed to run my 5 days a week so I need to find things to fill up my time, and while being at home with the monkeys I figure that biking with them in a trailer is a great place to start!

On another positive note Katrina finally got her first tooth yesterday. Her bottom left tooth is the first one to appear and it looks as if the bottom right is going to be out soon! I'm so glad that they are finally appearing since she's only been teething since she was 5 months old! She's going to look so cute with her little chompers. I promise to post pictures once they are visible from a photo, and to let you know who she bites first, me, daddy or her sister!

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