Sunday, April 15, 2012

Great weekend.

I hope that you all had as wonderful of a weekend as I did. On the not so great side, I've managed to catch a cold. Boo! But at least it's just the sniffles and not too major so I am hoping that with a lot of extra fluids (hello soup) and as much extra rest as I can manage that it'll be gone in time for my half. It is all in my head though (as in nose and throat - not psychologically speaking) so at least my legs and lungs are working fine and I can always take Advil if my head hurts the morning of.

In other exciting news the girls and I are a bunch of social butterflies this week! On Tuesday we're having lunch with Dee and Naomi and a friend of her's and her son too. Then Tuesday night I'm going to be going to a fitness class, providing I feel up to it. I need to pre-register for it, so if I'm feeling at all better tomorrow I'll sign up for it and pay so that I can go. Then I am going to have coffee one day with my running coach (I almost left couch by mistake) to discuss my plans for the half-marathon. I have also planned a stop at the dump. That may not be exciting sounding, but we have a huge collection of household hazardous waste and I'm on a bit of a cleaning/organizing kick so getting rid of the empty paint cans, batteries, old light bulbs and medicine is actually really exciting for me. Plus I can drop it off without taking my kids out of the car, which is a major WIN for me!

So now to make you all smile here is a photo of Katrina riding her walking toy for the first time ever without help and moving it all under her own power!
Next Lillian decided to help her out a bit which worked for us since it meant she was stuck on it.
Finally, Lillian spent a large part of Saturday chasing our lovebird around the house. We decided that she needs to learn how to be around the birds now so we can let them out more and she thought it was the best thing EVER!

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