Sunday, April 1, 2012

A bit of a different post.

So today there will be no real blog post. I'm feeling a bit sad at this moment. I read several blogs daily and a few of the people know each other, and a pair of them had a friend lose a baby recently and that just made me really sad. My parents lost my sister when I was 3 and she was 7 so my family knows that pain very well. But I have a coworker who lost her son around the time that Lillian was born, and this baby on the blog, was also a boy and the same age as my coworkers son, and that just made my heart ache so much for these poor moms. Having my girls makes me all too aware of how many horrible things exist in the world. As parents we do our best to protect our children but you can't always do that. They are going to fall and hurt themselves, they are going to be disappointed, they are going to have their feelings hurt and they may even get their hearts broken, but all of this is what we are supposed to prepare them for. Until the day they leave us and grow up we do our best to make them strong, confident and able to deal with the unfairness that life will bring. But today I didn't want to think of that. I spent time with my girls and every time I hold them lately I think of how truly blessed I am to have two beautiful and healthy babies. Between these two sad stories, and the people I know who are having trouble conceiving a baby, I am just so thankful for my monkey and peanut, and I need to remind myself of that every day.

Below is a poem. It was written by the blogger's friend a few years ago. I plan to print it and put it somewhere I can see it everyday to remind me of what really matters in my life.

For the #1 things on my list.
The List

There’s a list on my table
 of things to be done,

there is laundry to fold, 
and errands to run,

a letter of thanks 
I’ve been meaning to write,

a stack of old papers 
to put out of sight,

there is dinner to plan, 
 I should get to the store,

but I still haven’t showered,
 and it’s almost four,

the weeds must be picked, 
the furniture dusted,

the vacuuming done, 
the sprinklers adjusted,

the dishes are piling
 quite high in the sink,

and the printer for days 
has been flashing “low ink”,
the car is on empty, 
the milk’s almost gone,
the light I just changed
 in the hall won’t turn on,

there are phone calls to make, 
there are bills still to pay,

my body is willing, 
and yet kept at bay 

by the sweet little angel, his face softly glowing,
who dreams in my arms,
 without even knowing

the peace that he brings me,
 how heaven draws near, 

and things of eternity 
all become clear:

that I am a mother,
 my calling divine,
of highest importance 
in the grand design,

and though obligations
and chores can’t be missed,

holding my baby 
is first on my list.

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