Monday, April 9, 2012

Random thoughts.

Here are some funny things and random thoughts about my last few days and such.

I'm a gold Starbucks holder.
  • I had to pee in a bush. I was doing my long run Friday and needless to say I didn't go soon enough before I left, and just before 8km I really, really had to go. So I was running and lucky for me I was running past a bush with a row of pine trees. No one was around when I jumped in the bush and no one was there when I jumped back out. I felt so much better afterwards.
  • I got my gold Starbucks card! I spend way too much time and money at Starbucks right now considering that I am the first of anyone I know to get one. Woot! (in your face Cecilia). I don't want to stop using my favourite card because it is tiny and on my key chain and I can never forget it.
  •  I had a great time at Ikea, and now have a massive picture frame that I am going to fill up with photos of my lovely baby girls. I have been looking for a picture for our bedroom for over a year and I just couldn't deal with it anymore. I found the largest frame from RIBBA at Ikea and bought it so now I can make my own photo for the wall. I've got a great yellow sheet for the back so it'll stick out against my red wall!
  • I am currently reading the book train like a mother and a few days ago I noticed I was chosen to be quoted in the book! I'm so excited about this and promise to tell more about it when I finish the book and write my review of it! Not sure when that will be since it takes forever to read anything.
  • I've started Katrina's first dress. Her dress is going to be yellow and is a very cute pattern and I'm excited to have some time to really work on it once Steve is settled in his new job. I have it all set up and pinned waiting to be sewed!
So that's what is new with me! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend and that this week is wonderful for you!

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