Monday, April 2, 2012

Stupid low self-esteem.

This is going to sound crazy but some days I have really low running self-esteem. Today was one of those days until I actually finished my run. I managed a 6:44 pace over the 6 miles, and honestly I could tie up my shoes again and run the same thing all over again. I love that because that would put me at 12 miles and my race is 13.1 miles so I am going to ROCK this thing! But before the run I was feeling like I couldn't even handle my 6 mile pace today because my legs were a little achy. I have no idea what is wrong with me lately. For the past two or three weeks I feel as if my running is flat and going no where and that I'll never hit the goal I have for myself. I worry that I'll finish the race and suck big time, but if you look at the results of my running recently then I should rock this race.

So now I have to think happy thoughts and get out of this "I suck at running" funk. I will be running tomorrow with my coach so I'm sure we'll have a great talk about how awesome I am at running and that I shouldn't put myself down so much and keep working hard and all my running dreams will come true. At least that's what I hope she'll say. 


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