Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thinning Thursday.

Okay so this week is going better than last week and I am super excited about that. I am down 2lbs!  That's the 1lbs I gained last week and another one gone!

I will admit that I was a bit bummed last week when the scale wasn't playing nice with me and so this is HUGE boost to my self esteem today. I am going to go to go out for dinner today with my husband's family for Easter so that will be fun, though we're going to the Mandarin and that is always a big temptation but I'm also looking forward to it since it's always nice to enjoy a meal out. The other big change that I'm making today is I have decided to drop my nursing points. I worked my way down to 33 points and as of this morning I'm dropping myself down to 29 points. So let's hope this drop helps keep my weight heading in the proper direction.

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