Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Training Tuesday - Week 23

So this week was awesome! I pushed myself hard and pulled out 47km in a total of 5:49 hours. I'm very excited by my progress in my runs.

Monday I pushed out another wicked tempo run, and once again I was feeling the 5.6mph and kept going and felt as if I could keep going but stopped because I'm supposed to be reducing my mileage this week.

During the middle of my week  I did a nice little late day run with Cecilia on Tuesday where we took it easy because she's still working out some issues with her knee and on Wednesday I just wanted 8km so Steve and the girls accompanied me, and we took it easy and had a nice run. Friday, I got my 15km long run in on my own. Once again I ran faster than my 7:40 long run pace, hitting 7:34 which was close enough that I just say 'meh' and kept going. I also had to stop and tend to the call of nature.

Finally I got my speed run in on Sunday so my husband could have nice first day at work. I ran along my little 0.5 mile road and really had to push myself at the end of the last part. Honestly, the last 0.07 mile in the last running part was hard. I had to really push myself, especially since there was a goose on my road and that made me a little nervous. The run broke down as follows:
     1 mile warm up (12:16 - 7:37 pace)
     1 mile run (9:49 - 6:06 pace)
     0.5 mile walking (5:52 - 7:17 pace)
     0.5 mile run (4:44 - 5:55 pace)
     0.5 mile walking (6:08 - 7:39 pace)
     1 mile run (9:43 - 6:03 pace)
     1 mile cool down (12:48 - 7:48 pace)
5.5 miles - (1:01:24 - 6:56 average pace)

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