Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Training Tuesday

As you can see, I keep getting ever closer to my half-marathon on April 29th. I am now down to less than 4 weeks (26 days to go) until my race. I am getting pretty nervous but also excited. I had a great run yesterday and now am feeling much better about my plans.


So last week I had a great rest from running. I did two boot camp classes, last week and they kicked my butt! The runs that happened this week were really good. I managed to get them all completed outside, and two of them were even on my own and the third was with the girls in their stroller.

So I feel I pretty good. I ran a 7:17 pace (8.22km/hr) overall which I think is fantastic for a rest week. So now I'm incredibly hopeful that this week will go even better so that I can boost my confidence and kick this half-marathon's butt!

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