Sunday, April 8, 2012

What a weekend.

I had an amazing weekend with my family. We had a great time as a family. We went shopping, I went running, the girls spent time alone with daddy, we ate lots of delicious food, and  tomorrow my husband goes off to start his new job.

Friday instead of making fish and chips as so many Catholics do on Good Friday we made vegetarian red thai curry and I must say it was YUMMY! That's the first time we made curry so I really enjoyed it. I spend Saturday running errands and we had a great time at the bulk barn. We always have a good time at the bulk barn! I also was cooking up a storm! I made chocolate rice krispies, my running cookies, and finally my bean soup. Gotta say I'm loving the running cookies with the addition of coconut and switching the dried cranberries with dried cherries, and halfed the chocolate chips and replaced the second half with M&M minis. So they are some yummy, yummy, yummy cookies.

Then today we went to Mass at church and after we got home the babies needed a nap and I enjoyed soup and rested with my baby. After lunch I went on a nice run and then we had a family pizza dinner. This was the first week that we ALL ate pizza including the itty bitty! We put hers on a tortilla so she didn't have the huge crust to get in the way.

Steve and Lilly having fun in the backyard.
Lillian was thrilled with her Easter basket. She especially liked the puzzles that the Easter bunny brought for her and Katrina. She also gobbled up a lot of the candy that she got and when we moved her little basket away she went looking for it, so I have a feeling that this basket will be out for a while. I'm happy that my girls had such a great Easter and I am looking forward to having a quiet week with them while daddy gets used to his new job!

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