Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Closet Showdown!

Yesterday, I decided to sort out my closet to figure out what new clothes I'd need to buy for when I return to work on June 5th (how is it less than a month already?). I did a reorganizing of my closet in the winter, and got rid of my maternity and oversized stuff. From that cleaning, I thought my clothes were a 50/50 split between my work and home wardrobes, but NO WAY! After yesterday I found out they are actually more like 75/25 with the more being work so I have the following clothes JUST for work. Just for work means I only wear them to work or out for a nice day with my husband or family, not at home on a regular basis.

* 17 bottoms! Of that I have 4 skirts, 3 capris, 2 shorts, 2 jeans, 5 slacks and 2 cords!
Out of these, 2 pants are loose already (and that doesn't count the 2 skirts that I just added an elastic to because they were about to fall off my hips). And there were about 3 pairs (not counted in the total) that I just tossed out of the closet because they were far to big already.
Left is work clothes and far right is workout gear (aqua and over).
* 35 tops! Of which 2 are work golf shirts (meaning supplied by my university for special events), 1 vest, 3 blouses, 4 sweater shirts, 1 sweater, 23 short/no sleeved shirts and 1 crochet cover.
Several of the shirts are loose too and a bunch are what I consider standard boring shirts! Only the newer ones I bought when I went back to work with Lillian are unique and fun. The others are pretty standard, simple BORING shirts.

I also sorted out my socks, of which I have enough white cotton gym socks to last another 5 years, but could use some more thin socks for work. I also found another three bras that I didn't even know I had, some of which fit and one of which I need to sew up the band a bit since it's a bit big. I also tossed all of my too big undies and reduced the total by a third. If figured if I can't remember wearing them since Lillian was born they don't belong in my drawer anymore, so out they went. I now have a lovely organized closet and can easily find everything I need when I want it.

My sorted socks.
So now I have to admit, I'm a bit sad. I obviously have enough clothes and don't really need to buy anything new other than a nice spring/fall coat since I've needed one of those for a few years now and just never bought it because of repeated pregnancies. I think I'll still go look since the loose stuff will be even looser in the four weeks I have until I start work. I also figure a few more fun tops are not such a big deal. But I have to admit I was socked that I have all these clothes and that they all fit. The amount is crazy considering I don't really like shopping! It comes from nothing you try on ever fitting. But I will admit some of this stuff is from when I lost weight after my first baby and some of it is from the start of university, like 9 years ago. It boggles me how far I've come since then. I have achieved so much and am such a different person.

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