Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Delicious and Naughty food!

I did something today that I haven't in ages on weight watchers, I did not track dinner today and I have NO intention of doing so. We have a rule in this house that we don't track or worry about calories on birthdays and anniversaries. I ate very well for my breakfast and lunch so that I could really enjoy dinner with my hubby. My girlfriend and running coach came over and watched my itty bitty for me. She was a sweetie pie other than wanting to be held the whole time. Teething seems to do that to a baby.

Birthday boy with his milkshake.
We had a FANTASTIC dinner date. We went to a place that just opened up two weeks ago called The Works Gormet Burger Bistro and it was amazing. I decided not to track my meal and just enjoy myself. I've been on weight watchers now for ten and a half months and honestly I always pick what I should eat. I stopped my daughter from going to McDonald's with her aunt and grandma and cousin. I make everything from scratch. I eat crazy healthy and decided that my husband's birthday was a special day and that I shouldn't order healthy (I won't even say try to eat healthy, because that implies I might not succeed). Instead of ordering what I should eat I ordered what I wanted to eat and you know what I enjoyed every single bite that I ate! I had an old school burger, fries and milkshake with a twist!

Mmmm milkshake!
This restaurant has an amazing selection of burgers. I've been looking at the menu for two days and barely narrowed it down to what I wanted. In the end I went for a kid's size chocolate fudge milkshake (I can not even guess when I last had a milkshake and this one had bits of fudge in it). The beverages even were served in measuring cups which I found unique and a nice twist. I enjoyed that drink with a nice "Everything you need" burger which had avacado, gouda cheese and bacon. I have not had a burger like this is a while and it was amazing! I also indulged in french fries with gravy. It was such a delicious meal and I really enjoyed going out with my husband. Then after we got home I'd purchased some fancy birthday cupcakes which we enjoyed with my running BRF before she headed home.

Poor Steve!
Steve indulged in a large poutine, which would have been fine for him if he hadn't eaten two bags of chips earlier in the day (his birthday lunch)! This was the first poutine that beat him. Poor birthday boy! But that left his poutine up for me to steal the cheese curds out of which I was happy to do!

So I have to say it's been a long time since I've been this full in the evening and it feels good. I'm not stuffed to the point of hurting, or anything like that, but I feel nicely full and know that I will have a good reserve for things in my system for my run tomorrow. So I very much enjoyed my splurge meal and will be back at my healthy food tomorrow. A day off every now and then isn't so bad.

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  1. Why would you stop your daughter from going to McDonald's with her loved ones? You haven't said, but I imagine she doesn't to go very often. It's awesome that you are so active ad healthy, but I worry about the message children receive when "naughty" foods are off limits.

    I know you are a great mom, as evidenced by your blog posts. :)