Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Forbidden Foods.

Someone commented on my last post asking why I wouldn't let my daughter go to McDonald's with our loved ones. As a kid who grew up in a place where there was NO fast food, I don't see the need for it personally. The reason that I don't want my daughter to go to McDonald's is not complex. I am not a fan of processed foods in general, but fast food is not something we eat in this household, and I will keep my kids away from McDonald's for as long as humanly possible. I know that I won't be able to keep her away forever. I understand that birthday parties and such at the golden arches are down the road and we will let her go for events with dance class or whatever. But I want to wait until she HAS to go.

This doesn't mean I'm one of those health crazed moms who keeps their kids away from everything. My girls don't eat white flour because we don't use white flour in this house. They eat it when they are elsewhere or we are out, but since my husband and I don't eat it, they don't either. My kids actually eat anything they want to. We bake cake and cookies whenever they want something sweet. We make homemade pasta for them, and they love their hot dogs (thanks to daddy giving them some - I don't  really eat hot dogs) just like every other kid. So there are no foods that are off limits, but there are ones that I don't want them exposed to because I can't control how they are made. You hear all these things about pink slime and fillers in food so I prefer to make it for them myself whenever possible.

They still get their burgers,  fries, mac & cheese, chocolate chip cookies, waffles, chicken nuggets, etc... the only difference is that I make theirs from scratch. So in regards to burgers from McDonald's mine taste a thousand times better and my kids are not deprived in any way. They also, have hardly ever gotten sick, which I attribute to their healthy, nutritious diet!

Katrina during her lunch feast of grilled cheese. What kid doesn't love grilled cheese?!

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