Sunday, May 27, 2012

Rantings of a Loser - part 2.

So this is a continuation of a blog I wrote in February which you can read here! What sparked this blog was something I have called board fatigue. As long as I've been on weight watchers I have had great motivation and loved reading the boards and providing encouragement to the people there. I run a monthly challenge to help keep people inspired, and motivated and I've gotten to the point where I don't enjoy it anymore.

Honestly, the biggest issues are that none of the old timers like me, are posting too much anymore, and the newbies all as the same questions or complain. I understand that when you are new you need to ask the standard questions. Remember that I am an advisor for my career so at the start of the school year I pretty much get the same handful of questions from every student who visits me. I can deal with the repetition, but what I can't deal with is the whining. I am just sick and tired of people who are NOT following the plan, or are half-assing the program and expect amazing results! Weight watchers is not about dropping a bunch of weight overnight. It's supposed to teach you to eat healthy food, eat proper portions, eat a varied diet and listen to your body's hunger signals. But every day it feels as if someone is complaining that they gained or didn't lose what they 'should' have or are on a plateau (seriously, if it's less than 6 weeks it is NOT a freaking plateau people). I am trying to live my life with positivity and happy thoughts (which for a pessimist is really hard) and these people are just bringing me down!

I have a feeling that as soon as I go back to work next week I will just disappear from the boards for a bit. I started to feel this way near the end of my weight loss journey after Lillian but then I got pregnant before it became this bad, so I never had to actually decide to just stop the boards. I have to say I really enjoy some of the ladies on there (too many to name them all but a few who make me smile a lot include Accounting girl, Sass, Brocka, ruume, 1walker, pl, and I could go on) but there are also some who when I see their name I honestly cringe or roll my eyes because I know they will just be complaining about something. I know the program works but you have to work hard to get the results you want.

I have been working hard since July 2011, so I am 7 weeks away from being at this for a year, and am down about 40lbs. That to me is great! I wanted to fit into my work wardrobe by the time I went back to work, and guess what? My clothes fit me and I start back on June 6th! So I accomplished my goal. It wasn't easy and honestly like I said in my other post there are parts about weight loss that suck. I still have the following issues (old and new):
  • still have extra gas and pooping from raw veggies and fibre.
  • have to slather on sun screen every run and worry about getting it in my eyes because of the heat.
  • +30 degree days = hot and sweaty and PISSY Alice before I even leave for a run.
  • we have taken home made to the extreme now with all soup, bread, buns, and pasta pretty much being made by me too.
  • I now have to manage my runs and +12 hours a week cooking from scratch with my going back to work in a week.
  • I have successfully started getting up and running in the morning, but not going to bed early thus my sleep debt is ever higher than ever!
So on top of all my not so fun issues with weight loss, I also have some more work to do on my body and honestly I don't know what magic number on the scale will be at my final result when I'm happy with it. But for right now I'm happy my clothes fit and that I am able to train for my first marathon. But there's my hard work again. I'm training for a marathon. I will be running between 30 and 60km EVERY week for the next 20 weeks. So many people just expect the weight to come off while they eat garbage or don't exercise. That may work for a while or for a few pounds, but if you want to really lose weight and keep it off it's about having a healthy lifestyle, and frankly I am just tired of people who do not listen to the advice that they asked for, and then whine about how nothing is working.
Katrina will scream at you if you don't like my opinion!
That is just my opinion but I needed to get it off my chest! And YES I know I posted the screaming photo of Katrina already but it happens to be my new favourite!


  1. I agree with you (though I know I'm guilty of some of those rants on the boards, lol). This time around I really tried to stop the excuses. If it's not coming off fast enough it's because of me...not some evil weight loss monster out there trying to sabotage me. Right now I am up (waaay up) but that's vegas and not exercising for a week and a half. That was my decision and now I live with it. What did I do today? I went for a run and suffered through it cause darn was it hard! But if not today, then when? As always you're an inspiration Alice :)

  2. Good for you Megs! It's not easy to come back from a bit of time away, especially when you have to deal with this crazy hot weather we have been having in Ontario this week!