Saturday, May 12, 2012

Running by feel.

So today I decide to just do my run by feel. You know how honest I am about this? I cannot even tell you my pace for my run today! For someone who loves the numbers I can't believe that I didn't even glance at it when I put the numbers online. Please excuse me for a second while I go peek. 


Okay, so my pace was 7:35 which is actually faster than I planned to run, but within my planned range. I was expecting to be between 7:30 and 8:00 and figured that I would be closer to the higher end. I really enjoyed this run until the 8km mark when my heal began to hurt again. It keeps bugging me during runs, but the length of time it takes to flare up is increasing. My first run it was from the start, the next around 4k, then 6k, now 8k so I know I'm getting better but I don't like running with pain. I still don't thin that it's an actual injury but just a slow recovery from a race that I really pushed myself for. I'm proud of how well I did in my half, and am planning a good two days of rest on Sunday and Monday so that my first marathon training run on Tuesday will go well. 

So I've looked up a few common running injuries because of my heal but none of them seem to fit, since it only reacts when I run for a good while (today it took an hour to kick in), it does not hurt first thing in the morning, it isn't effected by my shoes or walking, but rather just flares up when I run a lot or hard. Additionally the ball of my other foot hurts too after a certain amount of time running. My poor little feet have taken a lot of beating in the last few weeks and I know they'll recover soon enough.

I learned something at the symposium other than that I need to eat more carbs (seriously how am I supposed to eat 400g a day while training when I can barely break 200g now really trying to eat a lot of them). The speaker talking about the mental aspects of running, explained that a lot of runners use the word "nervous" too much. Cecilia noted that I am guilty of this. I am a MAJOR worry wort and so I tend to be nervous about everything. So I'm working on that. I want to try to think more positive about things and be 'excited' instead of nervous. So I started my positive thinking today with a new hair cut! I figured I should stop being nervous about cutting my hair and just do it! I got an early morning appointment and "snip snip" a good four inches are GONE!

My sexy new mom do!
Otherwise, this weekend is going amazing so far. Having a positive attitude has helped make things wonderful! I went to the farmer's market, got my hair cut, hit the grocery store, planted my vegetable gardens, ran my 10k, played with my girls, made burgers for lunch, cooked a pot of bean soup for dinner, started painting the girls' decorative garden signs, bathed the girls and hung up the hooks in the laundry room. If that sounds like a lot to you, sorry but that is my standard Saturday. I am German and my family has a MAJOR work ethic. That's why I just keep running and running with no problems. I've been bred to just keep working until I pass out! Tomorrow, we'll do church in the morning, get our BBQ tanks filled, make homemade pizza for dinner (my choice for mother's day), finish painting and install the garden signs, and laze about the house a bit. I'll let you know how it all goes.

Lillian wanted to be in the picture too!

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