Saturday, May 26, 2012

Running Commando and Potty Runs!

Some of the material in this blog my be offensive to some more sensitive readers. Reader discretion is advised.

While reading the book run like a mother and train like a mother (review coming soon) I always laughed at the discussion about running without undies. I understand the appeal since it's one less layer of fabric to get a running wedgie from, but I'm an underwear girl, and running sans always seemed rather gross to me. This week I decided to be brave and give it a try on my Thursday easy run. I mean I've tried running with a skort recently and really enjoyed it so why not going commando? Well let me tell you, it wasn't very fun. I was brave and I tried it but honestly it was very uncomfortable. I got a much, much worse wedgie than normal, and honestly a little bit of chaffing. Not exactly my idea of fun. Maybe it's because my body is still doing weird things from having a baby (I won't go into detail but it can take various parts a long time to firm up, bounce back, and stop doing things you don't like) but I found it uncomfortable at best. So I will not be trying it again anytime soon!

My other adventure in runs happened on Saturday when I was heading home from my 14km long run. I was keeping track of the distance because my heel started to twinge around 11.5km, and around 12km things got bad. I headed out pretty early (before 8:45am) to get the distance in, which is fine, but running that far so early means I don't always get to complete my business before I head out. Today was one of those days. So with only 2km to go I suddenly found myself desperately in need of a rest room. I seriously considered running into the bush but I was so close to home and didn't want to have an accident in my pants. I had to keep walking to keep myself from having an accident. Once I hit the road leading to my house I hung on for dear life and booked it home. Lucky for me I not only made it home, but my heal pain never got beyond a twinge so I didn't have to worry about the extreme pain coming back to my foot.

So I have had a very eventful running week. I'm glad I wasn't attacked by any animals but I do hope next week is a little less strange for my runs.

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