Saturday, May 19, 2012

Running updates

So my first exciting news is that I broke the 3,000km mark on Thursday! I have run 3,013km since I started running after Lillian was born! That is amazing to me. I can't help but feel really proud of myself for this (take that feeling Nervous).

Katrina sneaking off with Lillian's doll stroller and teddy.
Today I managed to do my long run and accomplish a task. I finally made it to the local conservation area (it's a 10.5k loop to run from my house to the entrance to the park and home) to buy my season pass to get into the park. Now when it's hot in the summer and I need to run +20km I can run to the park, run in the park under the shady trees and then head home. It also has bathrooms and water inside which means I don't have to go home to refuel mid run. This will be very helpful for me since a lot of these long runs have to be done on my own, and even if the park has a 4.5km trail I have to get there, get to the trail, and then get home too, so a few loops of the trail and a loop around a road or two and I'll be set! It also has a playground in it and kids under 6 are free so I am hoping to go this week with the girls to check out the playground there and maybe hit the little lake in the summer to stick our toes in the water and build sand castles.

Lillian posing in her new dress wit her pink toes.
I also managed to find a gel that I don't think tastes too horrible. I had one in my pantry and with the crazy heat we are having today I figured it would be a good idea to take some fuel with me just in case it got a bit tough, and I'm glad I did because with the heat I needed a little push. While I find the texture of the gels to be just wrong all around, the apple cinnamon taste reminded me of apple pie filling, so while it isn't something I want to eat on every run, it was a nice pick me up for today and it didn't make me want to spit it all back out, so that's a win too.

Lastly, my heel seems to be doing better. I managed to go 10.75km today before the pain flared up. So my plan is to keep icing it a few times a day, having my hubby give me calf massages to try and reduce the tightness in my calf, and lots of stretching on my right leg. Every time I run it seems to take a little longer to get sore so I am hopeful that is will go away on it's own.

Anyway I hope everyone who reads this in Canada has a nice long weekend! I know we will!

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