Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thinning Thursday.

Lillian wearing my dress that I took in.
Weighed in yesterday because I was supposed to have lunch with a girl friend and I was down 2.8lbs from two weeks ago. That puts me down to 152.2lbs and I feel amazing! I am only 4lbs away from the lowest weight I have every been in my memory and that is a remarkable feeling. I also fit into about 95% of my work clothes so I know that I'll be able to look great when I go back in 3 1/2 weeks. Now all I really need is a new jacket since I had not bought a new spring jacket in years, and the ones I have are all HUGE on me or have been given away. So I need something professional and cool to get me to and from work but be cool enough to wear with jeans on the weekend.

Katrina playing with mommy's new plant.
I feel great about how things have been going and am looking forward to my next few weeks. I'm hopeful that I'll manage to hit my after Lillian goal when I go back to work, but if not I'm not going to stress about it. Lately, I've noticed that I'm focusing too much on the scale number and not enough on how I feel. I am starting to get a bit hungry some days and not having the breast feeding points makes for challenging days. I also noticed that I'm not getting enough carbs which will be an issue when we get into our serious long runs in June. I have signed up for a site called my fitness pal and I think that I am going to focus on eat wholesome, filling foods (which in weight watchers is called simply filling) and once I have the hang of that I will use only my fitness pal to save us some money. The advantage of the site is that it tracks your carbs and protein and such, so I will know what I am actually getting. I don't want to become crazy obsessed but I do want to work on upping my carbs so that I will have the needed glycogen when I get into my long runs.

I hope you enjoy the cute little lady photos!

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