Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Training Tuesday - Week 1 of 22

So I survived my first official week of marathon training! Go me! This means I'm 4.5% of the way through my training! I am so awesome! At the end of this first week I feel like I can do this and am going to rock this marathon in October! Hopefully this excitement will stick around for a large portion of my training!

My week started with a rest day! A must for beginning any long distance race training! I also had rest days on Wednesday and Friday. I'm supposed to get some cross training in. This week I did it in the form of walking with the girls to the park several times and A LOT of gardening. I know that gardening doesn't sound like cross training but I had to go get dirt from the dump and that meant shoveling it into pails, blue bins, and garbage cans.

Following that my way first tempo run and it went really well. I had to really push myself to get the proper pace (an average of 6:40) because I hadn't pushed myself since the half, but also because I started the run at 6:28am. I said for a long time that I would push myself to run in the morning, but until I had to I couldn't force myself to do it. Now that it isn't an option for me to not run in the morning I'm managing to do it. My first km of temp was really hard, but I managed to slowly increase my speed and hit my pace. I used to train my speed, but now we're doing pace since it's more specific.

Thursday and Sunday were my easy runs to recover from my tempo and long runs. Sunday I struggled to get my butt moving but once we decided what to do with our day I jumped up and got it done. Thursday I ran in the morning so it had to be done before Steve left. I actually got up and ran and got home before the baby woke up so Steve didn't even notice I was gone! I'm very proud of that.

My long run on Saturday went well. I didn't run as early as I thought I would, but Steve and the girls decided to go to see his family in Hamilton for the day so I waited until they left. I started out at 10am and got an errand done during the run, so now I can run in the local conservation area (thank you season pass) during my long runs. My heel did well until about 10.75km and then started to hurt a bit so I switched the last leg of my run to the trail path instead of the road, and I think that helped too.

Now I can look forward to next week's excitement and speed run.

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