Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Training Tuesday - Week 2 of 22

The runs have been going well!

My speed run on Tuesday was crazy. I picked my route in the morning, ate my oatmeal and headed out the door. I'm glad I picked the route that I did because the first mile was a warm up jog and it ended at the top of a hill so I got to start my first mile of speed work running down hill! So the run went well. My first mile was pretty hard to push through but I did and am super proud of that. The goal was to run the speed miles at a 6:15 km/hr or 10:04 mi/hr pace. I ended up going faster than expected. I did the two at the following: 6:08 and 6:10 (9:52 and 9:55).

My easy runs this week went well. I was supposed to do 6km on Thursday and 5km on Sunday but I misread that on Thursday, so I swapped them. I ran slowly and easily on Thursday with a 7:51 pace but Sunday I felt really good and booked it with a 7:18 pace. That puts the pace at faster than my speed runs with week. I wasn't watching my garmin I was just running and that's how it came out.

My long run went really well (other than the need for the bathroom in the last 2km). I really enjoyed running in the conservation area, and found that there are three different trails I can run on plus the roads that snake around in there, so I think I'll be okay when I start running in there. Okay in the sense that I won't just run the same loop ten times every time so that's good. I also didn't have any serious heel pain that run. It did start to twinge a little bit at the 11.5km mark but it never progressed to full on pain. So I think the icing has been working, and I will continue it.

I also managed to get a bit of cross training in. I managed to complete two of the workouts in my booty camp DVD. I tried the stretching workout on Sunday to try and loosen me up a bit after a week of running, and I did the ab workout on Thursday to work my core a bit. Steve did both of the videos with me which was nice. So now I have one more week of pushing myself and then a rest week. I'm looking forward to them both!

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