Thursday, June 28, 2012

How habits can change you.

I touched on this briefly on Tuesday and it's wonderful how my feelings around my running have changed in this training regimen. I was not expecting the change, but I do welcome it, and hope that it stays with me for the rest of my running years.

Before, my goal always was always to run further than last month, to run harder than last month. I didn't care how many days I needed to run, or how far each day was. There wasn't so much a plan, it was more a running free for all. But this week I noticed that my brain doesn't think like that anymore. I couldn't tell you how much I am scheduled to run this month, let alone run this week. I can tell you when my next run is, and how far/fast that run is supposed to be, and when I am planning to run it, but that's all. I remember what I have run already this week but I don't obsess about what is to come. In fact I enjoy my runs so much more because I am just following a plan and only need to focus on one run at a time, the run I'm completing.

The other funny part is that because I always run Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, if I have to shift a run, even if it's for a very understandable reason, it throws off my whole understanding of the week. For example, I was CONVINCED yesterday was Friday because my easy run was done on Wednesday night instead of Thursday morning, so I could be home with my babies while they were sick. So today, which is actually Friday, I'm so confused!!

It's nice to be running with a purpose but not be obsessing about the details. I always dreamed that I would make it to this stage of running but never really believed it would happen. Now that it has I'm settling into my new life very nicely. I'm fitter than ever, I love my running, and I can eat what I like without obsessing over points and stay at the same weight. I have to say that life is good.

Silly babies!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In

So this was my first week of working solo on my fitness pal instead of using Weight Watchers. I just had enough of points and double tracking (while I was using both). So since I've gotten back down to the weight I was after I got skinny post Lillian I decided to let my body decide when I eat more or less food. This way my training won't be affected by my desire for a certain food type over another. So the scale today, was the same as last week, and I am okay with that. Funny how being a healthy weight for your height does that to you! There is always next week to see the number go down a little again.

This week I have enough to deal with. Both my daughters are ill right now, and so I have to stay home with them tomorrow. Steve let me run tonight so I can avoid worrying about that tomorrow. Now wish me luck with my babies and that I don't catch what they have!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Training Tuesday - Week 6 of 22

Week six of my training schedule has come to an end and I couldn't be more thrilled. I ran 43km and I barely notice how much running I'm doing. I just take it one run at a time, and don't notice how much it all adds up to. That's very different than before where I always wanted to run further than my last week.

My speed run on Tuesday was really hard on me because of the heat that day. I was up with a baby and not sure whether it was worth it for me for try doing it in the morning. I was a 50/50 for not doing it but in the end I went out. I'm glad I did since I hit the goal pace I was supposed to, which is good, and proved to myself I could do it. I ended up feeling pretty gross that day because of the heat and my stupid allergies. My alarm didn't go off so I started running later than I planned to so next week I need to work on getting out on time.

My easy runs went well. Thursday I just did a quick run and then ran off to work, but Sunday I had a great time doing a little run with Steve and Katrina in the stroller. He said I was going pretty fast up the hills so that made me feel really good.

Finally, my long run was a lot of fun this week. I ran to the conservation area and played around on the paths while I was in there. I had a lot of fun, but I did have two issues on this run. First around km 4 I noticed my pace had dropped to 6:40's. I have serious tempo legs issues and seem to end up hitting tempo pace at some point during most runs. I don't know if I should be proud of this or annoyed. It's great to randomly find myself naturally hitting my tempo run speeds, but on a 20km run I should NOT be running 6:40 in the first 5k! The other issue is that the plague that I'm still hanging onto was causing me some breathing issues this week. I had a few times during the run that I actually had to stop and walk in order to manage to catch my breathe. It was pretty sucky that I was coughing up a lung for the whole second half. But hopefully the rest of this cold will be gone soon and I can finally get my normal lung capacity back.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Got my girlie back!

Today my mom brought my big girlie back and I am so happy! I'm glad that she had a wonderful time with her Oma and Grandpa. I feel it's so important for our girls to get to know their grandparents. I know many parents who wouldn't be able to let their kids go away for one night let alone a week, but I feel it's good for my girls even if I miss them terribly. Once Katrina stops nursing it'll be her turn to spend that special one-on-one time with Oma too. She is very much attached to me, and I want to make sure that she grows up strong and independent and able to be away from mommy and still manage to have a good time and be happy.
Now that my toddler is back I'm thinking about what to do with girls tomorrow. My mom is up for a job interview tomorrow so I am planning a nice breakfast for her. We also have our first CSA (community shared agriculture) veggie pick up tomorrow, so after all that we may just spend the day at home relaxing and playing around the house. I've got some sewing projects to work on, and a painting project and I'm sure Lillian has a lot of toys that haven't been played with in a while that she is planning to play with. I'm excited to see what veggies we get! I love picking out my own and eating that nutritious, local goodness!

I hope you all had a nice weekend. We managed to sleep in today for the first time in months! 8:00am never felt so good!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Random This and That.

I did my long run today and I love the freedom and quiet that I have with these long runs but the bad or silly thing is that my brain just goes and goes and goes and goes and when I'm done running I kind of bombard Steve with all these thoughts and plans and such. I have a feeling that the poor guy gets a little bit overwhelmed! This week my brain hoped from the idea of adopting our future third baby, to how much money we can cram into his RRSPs still this year, to the signing up for personal training to when we can afford to go on our LA trip next year. So you can see my mind has zig zagged all over the place.

I didn't actually think as much today as I normally do because my poor body is still recovering from the plague and I kept losing my breathe. I literally had to stop running and walk a bunch of times in order to catch my breathe, and even then once or twice it took quite a bit of time and lots of slow concentrated breathing for me to get my breathe back. Scary! I know it's just from this evil cold but it still really sucks.

The two second-born in our family!
In happy news Katrina has been enjoying her week as an only child and is eating up all of mommy and daddy's attention. She has even hit the point now where she will reach her arms out to Steve while I'm holding her! I didn't know if that day would ever come. I'm a little sad that she seems to want to share her attention with Daddy but Lillian will put an end to that tomorrow once she's back from Oma's house. She isn't the best at sharing and in her humble opinion Steve belongs to her.

In other fun news, I sewed the first draft (so to speak) for my first dress of me. I used an old sheet so now I know how it sits, fits, etc... I need to figure out a few issues, mainly that the top is HUGE on me, so I will try to make a new top in a smaller size and see if that works out okay. I also have a sewing project for more baby sleep sacks (remember these) for a coworker that I'm starting soon, and an artwork project for our bedroom. I hope to finish the artwork tomorrow, and the baby gifts I want to get done in the next week or two.

Finally, we took advantage of only having Katrina and went to church today. That may not sound like anything special but our church has mass at 9:30am on Sunday and we have to leave at 9am. So with two little ones we are up at 7am to get to church every Sunday (that we are able to attend) and with my Saturday runs, that means we literally NEVER get to sleep in anymore. So by attending 5pm mass today, we don't have to go anywhere tomorrow, so we are planning to sleep as long as Katrina lets us, followed by a family brunch with eggs benedict! We'll squeeze in a little 5k run some time. Then my mom is bringing Lillian back in the afternoon and I'm planning a super yummy dinner of mushroom risotto. I think it's going to be a great day.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Carbs are getting better!

Today is my 3rd day this week that I managed to eat over 200g of carbs! In the last month I've only done it about 8 times so the fact that it's happened 3 times in the past 5 days I think is a MAJOR improvement for me! (Be proud Cecilia!) I am one of those people who knows that if I avoid eating carbs, specifically wheat, I will have an easier time losing weight. So now I'm learning to enjoy my carbohydrates but I'm focusing on whole and natural ones that don't include wheat. I'm eating more oatmeal for breakfast, getting in barely salad and a lot of veggies and such. I'm enjoying my food lately and am learning to listen to my body and eat when I am hungry and when I need to in order to carry myself through a run!

Tomorrow I will enjoy yet another huge bowl of oatmeal before my 20k run. So I hope it will sustain me for quite a bit of my run, and I have a wonderful lunch planned for when I get back! Hurray for salmon and squash!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Injuries and Treating myself.

I got an awie! I don't have any idea what I did but I hurt my left wrist. I am in serious pain whenever I pick up anything or twist the wrist at all. So picking up my baby is out. Opening doors out. Pushing strollers or carts, out! Get the gist here? I was lucky enough to get in to see my family doctor today and he said that I should baby it, ice it, and give it time to heal. It isn't broken, sprained, or anything like that, but it's just banged up and probably pushed too hard at a bad angle. It does hurt a bit when I run if I lower my arm, which I only do when I walk, so I guess I will have to avoid walking. :)

We also hit up Costco today and I managed to treat myself a little. Being a busy mom I don't usually treat myself often, other than my weekly latte or two from starbucks, but today I went all out. I bought not one, but two pairs of their yoga shorts, and a Keurig single coffee maker! I am excited for the shorts, since they are a size M and fit like a glove! One pair is black with flowers on the waist, while the other is grey with pink around the waist. I LOVE them and am super excited to have more running shorts. As for the coffee maker I decided to get one for my office, since I don't have time to easily make coffee in the morning and we've moved to a new building further form the coffee shops. I was so excited when, my husband told me to buy it. Now before you feminists freak out that my husband had to give me permission to buy a coffee maker, the fact is that in our house we discuss any purchase that is over $100 regardless of what it is or who wants to buy it. So this deluxe coffee maker at Costco required a talk. I don't buy myself many things so he felt it was fine for me to get one if I wanted. His only condition what I get one that also had a filter so I can make my own coffee from grinds instead of always using cups.

So now I will be able to make my own coffee in my office whenever I want to! I just have to wait until Tuesday to bring it to my office, since my mother is coming up this weekend and she wants to play with it too!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In.

Lillian in her party dress!
So today I am back down from last week's gain. I didn't lose any extra but lost most of what I gained last week so I'm happy. I know that as long as I keep at it, the last little bit will be off on its own too. I promised myself not to stress out about the number on my scale and so I won't. I am training for a marathon, and eating healthy and that's what this whole journey is about.

Now I need to focus on getting some good cross training into my life and plans. I also am hoping that Katrina will settle back into a better sleep pattern as we work on weaning her. Right now she is up usually between 11:30pm and 12:30am and then again around 5:10am pretty much everyday. Bah! I know sleep is important not just for weight loss too but for my running too. So if someone could please explain this to my baby I would appreciate it!

Katrina in her party dress.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Healthy Eating Tips.

I am writing this blog for a fellow weight watcher who doesn't have issues getting her fitness on but finds herself making some not so awesome food choices. So here are my general healthy eating tips and tricks! I'm going to write this post as very matter a factly

1- You can't eat what isn't there.
I hear a lot of people making excuses about their spouse or kids like it, and they just find themselves eating it. This is an obvious thing, only buy good stuff and if your kids/hubby/roomie need a fix buy the items that they like and you don't. In this house they are salty people and I am a chocoholic, so there is little chocolate but I buy chipies for them. They are happy and I avoid temptation. If you can't avoid buying the item exactly, try a flavour you're less fond of.

2- If you can make it yourself why buy it?
I know pre-made is so easy to just grab and  go but honestly it costs a fortune! You can make SOO much more food for the cost of pre-packaged. I know you think about the cost factor of your time too but if you have a few hours on Sunday you can prep a lot of food in a short amount of time and you get faster at it the more you do it. So set aside a few hours on Sunday to prep stuff. I usually do it before dinner so it's part of dinner prep. Cut veggies for omletes. Make the mother of all salads. Cut, peel, prep veggies for snacks. Make hummus to dip them in. The list goes on and on.

3- Whole foods are best.
I avoid processed foods simply because who needs to put extra crappy chemicals in their body? I also find that while the shelf life may not be as good it's worth it for the taste. I now have gone to making salad dressings, bread, buns, pasta, salads, baked treats, lattes, and so on all from scratch. The bread I find tastes better and while salad dressing sounds a bit intimidating to start with, but if you follow recipes for the first few, you can get pretty adventurous.

4- Pack as if you're starving.
There are days where we are all just starving at work or school, and since you can't predict these days I pack every day like I'm going to have one of those days. This way when they hit I am always prepared. I find the trick for this is to always pack a few things that don't need to go in the fridge and a few that do. Then you just have to make sure that you eat the fridge stuff first (unless you have a fridge where you are) and if you don't want your apple, bring it home and don't feel bad about not eating it. But this way if you have a starving day you won't be tempted to wander to the coffee shop to get something sweet.

5- Have your treat in moderation.
This took a LONG time for me, but I can have good, fancy ice cream in my freezer and take weeks if not months to eat it. Why? I've taught myself to enjoy a spoon or two and not need anymore. If you can't master this skill right away then it's simple only buy enough that you can have for a treat and no more. Want ice cream? Fine, go to the store and buy 1 bar, eat it and savour it! There are no extras there for you to stuff your face with in a moment of weakness. In this house we believe in paying more money for less food since it saves us calories and health in the long run.

So these are my top 5 tips for healthy eating. I think a lot of people don't realize that you need to put the same effort and dedication into eating well that you do into working out and exercising. If anyone has any other questions or things they want to know how I manage with, send me an email or leave a comment and I'll answer them in another blog!