Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Funny story.

Lesson of the day. Always wear sexy underwear because you never know when the wind is going to get you!

Where does this strange comment come from you might ask? Well today I dressed up all pretty and nice for my office and as I was walking from my office building to my car (which I park at my husband's work since it's only an extra block walk from my old parking lot and free). I enjoy this stroll at least right now while there is now snow. Anyway I was walking and the wind was pretty gusty today and as I was walking whoops the wind blew my twirly skirt to my waist height. Oh my!!

So I ignored this and kept walking and as I hit the round about in front of my hubby's building, that pesky little wind came back again and whoops my skirt was up again!

Now old Alice would have become upset or stressed or worried about all the cars and people who saw my underwear, but the new me? I just thought this "Oh my! Good thing I wore my sexy lace black panties!"

I like the new, confident me! I sure missed her during my awkward maternity clothes stage.

My classy little baby!

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  1. Hilarious!! And a great lesson for us all. ;-) Sexy panties with twirly skirts are a must!