Thursday, June 21, 2012

Injuries and Treating myself.

I got an awie! I don't have any idea what I did but I hurt my left wrist. I am in serious pain whenever I pick up anything or twist the wrist at all. So picking up my baby is out. Opening doors out. Pushing strollers or carts, out! Get the gist here? I was lucky enough to get in to see my family doctor today and he said that I should baby it, ice it, and give it time to heal. It isn't broken, sprained, or anything like that, but it's just banged up and probably pushed too hard at a bad angle. It does hurt a bit when I run if I lower my arm, which I only do when I walk, so I guess I will have to avoid walking. :)

We also hit up Costco today and I managed to treat myself a little. Being a busy mom I don't usually treat myself often, other than my weekly latte or two from starbucks, but today I went all out. I bought not one, but two pairs of their yoga shorts, and a Keurig single coffee maker! I am excited for the shorts, since they are a size M and fit like a glove! One pair is black with flowers on the waist, while the other is grey with pink around the waist. I LOVE them and am super excited to have more running shorts. As for the coffee maker I decided to get one for my office, since I don't have time to easily make coffee in the morning and we've moved to a new building further form the coffee shops. I was so excited when, my husband told me to buy it. Now before you feminists freak out that my husband had to give me permission to buy a coffee maker, the fact is that in our house we discuss any purchase that is over $100 regardless of what it is or who wants to buy it. So this deluxe coffee maker at Costco required a talk. I don't buy myself many things so he felt it was fine for me to get one if I wanted. His only condition what I get one that also had a filter so I can make my own coffee from grinds instead of always using cups.

So now I will be able to make my own coffee in my office whenever I want to! I just have to wait until Tuesday to bring it to my office, since my mother is coming up this weekend and she wants to play with it too!

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  1. I love mine! I have the smallest one I think, the one that is cup by cup (aka, no resevoir), but I like it better cause with the ones that already hold the water you have to select one of their sizes. But with mine, I can pour the amount of water that fits in the cup (and in this day and age, the cups are huge!). We also have the make your own filter, it's awesome! Sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon on top and it's perfect. I do recommend grinding your own beans, but at an office that might not be super convenient. Maybe grind at home and take to work? Tastes great :)