Saturday, June 23, 2012

Random This and That.

I did my long run today and I love the freedom and quiet that I have with these long runs but the bad or silly thing is that my brain just goes and goes and goes and goes and when I'm done running I kind of bombard Steve with all these thoughts and plans and such. I have a feeling that the poor guy gets a little bit overwhelmed! This week my brain hoped from the idea of adopting our future third baby, to how much money we can cram into his RRSPs still this year, to the signing up for personal training to when we can afford to go on our LA trip next year. So you can see my mind has zig zagged all over the place.

I didn't actually think as much today as I normally do because my poor body is still recovering from the plague and I kept losing my breathe. I literally had to stop running and walk a bunch of times in order to catch my breathe, and even then once or twice it took quite a bit of time and lots of slow concentrated breathing for me to get my breathe back. Scary! I know it's just from this evil cold but it still really sucks.

The two second-born in our family!
In happy news Katrina has been enjoying her week as an only child and is eating up all of mommy and daddy's attention. She has even hit the point now where she will reach her arms out to Steve while I'm holding her! I didn't know if that day would ever come. I'm a little sad that she seems to want to share her attention with Daddy but Lillian will put an end to that tomorrow once she's back from Oma's house. She isn't the best at sharing and in her humble opinion Steve belongs to her.

In other fun news, I sewed the first draft (so to speak) for my first dress of me. I used an old sheet so now I know how it sits, fits, etc... I need to figure out a few issues, mainly that the top is HUGE on me, so I will try to make a new top in a smaller size and see if that works out okay. I also have a sewing project for more baby sleep sacks (remember these) for a coworker that I'm starting soon, and an artwork project for our bedroom. I hope to finish the artwork tomorrow, and the baby gifts I want to get done in the next week or two.

Finally, we took advantage of only having Katrina and went to church today. That may not sound like anything special but our church has mass at 9:30am on Sunday and we have to leave at 9am. So with two little ones we are up at 7am to get to church every Sunday (that we are able to attend) and with my Saturday runs, that means we literally NEVER get to sleep in anymore. So by attending 5pm mass today, we don't have to go anywhere tomorrow, so we are planning to sleep as long as Katrina lets us, followed by a family brunch with eggs benedict! We'll squeeze in a little 5k run some time. Then my mom is bringing Lillian back in the afternoon and I'm planning a super yummy dinner of mushroom risotto. I think it's going to be a great day.

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