Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Training Tuesday - Week 5 of 22

So my first week running after my rest week went amazingly well, especially considering how crazy busy it was!

The tempo run was not the speed that I wanted or was supposed to run, but it was within my margin of error that my coach approved. I got a 6:47 average pace, and that goal was 6:40. It was a bad night and I got rained on a lot while running, so I'm going to chuck it up to bad weather, and bad sleep and see how great next week goes.

My first easy run went far too fast considering the pace I went was 6:54 and my tempo pace the day before was 6:47. I was NOT supposed to run that fast, and honestly I slowed down at the end and forced myself to walk for a bit. It may actually have been faster than my tempo had I kept running at that pace. I know this crazy fast run was a result of stress at work. I needed to get out and move in order to feel like me again.

My Next easy run was a normal run other than that I ran on Friday and because Katrina wouldn't sleep I was crazy tired. It actually took me over 45 minutes to run my simple 5k which is crazy slow for me. On the positive side I managed to get some cross training in on Thursday and managed to bike to and from work. Now I know it takes 19 minutes to bike there and 21 minutes to bike back. I can now try to bike a bit more, since I can make it fit into my scheduled pretty well.

Finally,  my long run was moved from Saturday because of my mom's convocation and the fact that we had a race on Sunday!  In my training plan I was due to run 18km this weekend so that meant I had to run that on Sunday. Since they were calling for rain pretty much all day I packed back up clothes in our car with the stroller and ran to my coach's house in the morning. She lives about 8km away from us, so that gave me the extra bit needed to add to my 10k race. After Steve and Katrina arrived, all of us went to the race start. My coach ran her time she hoped for and seeing as it was father's day I stayed with Steve and the baby during his race. To conserve my energy I ran a 7:51 pace in the first 8k run. Then during the race I ran a 7:39 pace, which averages to 7:46 for both runs. I am proud of how well I did in this race, and am thrilled with my long run.

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