Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Weigh in.

So today was my weigh in day and I was VERY shocked when I stepped on the scale. Somehow I managed to drop 2.2lbs this week. I have no idea where that loss came from but I'll take it! I just wanted to get out of the 150's so this is pretty great. Not only that but it pushes me into the healthy range for my BMI which I will also take! So the crazy thing is that I am within 0.6lbs of my lowest ever and 0.4lbs of my post Lillian comfy weight. How CRAZY is that!

So I went from being 207lbs on my due date, back down to 148.8lbs in a year! Next week my baby will be a whole year old and I have my pre-baby body back! It took a lot of work, and a crazy amount of determination but I did it! I know I want to lose a few more pounds this time around (my butt is larger than after my first) and hit that magical 145lbs I have always wanted to be, but after that I don't really know what I'll do. I'm been losing weight since 2008 and honestly I'm a little scared of hitting goal because I have never really been there and don't know what to do with myself then! Silly I know!

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  1. Awesome! Great job on reaching the coveted 'under 150'!

    I weighed myself this week after our vacation this week and, let me just say, the scale is NOT my friend right now. Sheesh!

    Keep it up!