Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday Weigh In.

Lillian in her party dress!
So today I am back down from last week's gain. I didn't lose any extra but lost most of what I gained last week so I'm happy. I know that as long as I keep at it, the last little bit will be off on its own too. I promised myself not to stress out about the number on my scale and so I won't. I am training for a marathon, and eating healthy and that's what this whole journey is about.

Now I need to focus on getting some good cross training into my life and plans. I also am hoping that Katrina will settle back into a better sleep pattern as we work on weaning her. Right now she is up usually between 11:30pm and 12:30am and then again around 5:10am pretty much everyday. Bah! I know sleep is important not just for weight loss too but for my running too. So if someone could please explain this to my baby I would appreciate it!

Katrina in her party dress.

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