Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend wrap up.

We had an amazing weekend as a family. We spent our Saturday playing around the house with the girls and that was great.

On Sunday we had a fabulous day. We packed everything on Saturday night (since mornings are still a bit rough here) and after church we went to the local museum to see the dinosaur exhibit. We had a wonderful time, though Lillian was a bit frightened of the dinosaurs. Her exact words were "No dinosaurs eat Lillian face". I have NO idea where she got the idea that dinosaurs eat your face. So she wasn't happy when daddy was holding her beside this big guy.

Katrina spent her visit in the stroller.
 Lillian enjoyed Yoko Ono's colour exhibit at lot. She liked the large chess board. She also got to pick some fabric and thread and I sewed it onto the large art project for her. Lillian was sure to supervise me so I did it right.

The girls enjoyed their lunch.
 When we went to the other room there was a big wall that said "My Mommy is Beautiful". Steve thought it was very appropriate so he photographed me in front of all the messages of love to moms. We all took turns adding our own messages. Lillian drew a mommy spider for the board. I wrote about being blessed with a wonderful mother and daughters. And we wrote messages of love to the mothers and grandmothers we've lost. We love you Gretel and Diane.

So many Lillians and Katrinas. Oh my!
Downstairs the girls had a lot of fun with the kid toys. After that we headed home and spent our day bumming around the house, as it was wet and cold. But overall I think we had an amazing weekend with our girls!

Lillian getting all wet. What she does best!

Thanks to safety covers we made a pin imprint of Katrina.

Lillian talking to the snake. Guess she'll be in Slytherin!

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