Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby love!

Mmmmm blueberries!
Lately, Katrina has been growing a lot! She's gotten really good at pulling herself up on things and walking along the couch and bench. She also has gotten so good at feeding herself. She eats some things with her fingers, and can even do a few things with a fork, like spagettii with sauce. Such a cutie pie. You should see her try to drink blueberries out of a bowl! Then she'll wear the bowl as a hat!

Mmmmm spagettii!
Lately, she's been such a happy little monkey! I have a feeling that she's enjoying being the only child for a few days. Her big sister is off visiting Oma so she's been the queen bee around here. All the toys are hers to play with, all the food is hers to pick from, all the chips are hers to steal from daddy. Life is pretty sweet for her!

So that is all. I just wanted to share my super cute and super hungry baby with you all!
Mmmmm chipies!

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