Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dealing with "helpful" advice.

When you get married everyone thinks they can give you marriage advice. When you are pregnant everyone knows how to be a good parent and needs to impart their wisdom on you. But I never, expected to find so many running experts coming out of the woodwork now that I'm training for a marathon, and honestly, I think I've gotten more advice now than when I was pregnant. So now I'm trying to learn how to smile and take all this advice with a grain of salt.
- you need to rest more
- you need to avoid sunscreen so you get your vitamin D
- you need to run less
- you need to baby any little injury you might get
- you need to focus on eating enough

I am thrilled to have so many people care but between my books and my coach and these extras I get a lot of conflicting (and sometimes funny) information. I am so thankful to have my coach as my primary source. I typically try to block out everyone else. She has been such an inspiration and a great help to me. I know without her I wouldn't be the runner I am today. I'd either still be doing my usual runs without pushing myself too much, or I would have pushed myself too far, too fast and be down for the count. Thanks coach. You're the best!

So how do other people deal with conflicting advice and people who mean well but keep saying the same thing which goes against what you've been told? I just smile and occasionally try to defend myself and my plan, but I'm learning to just smile more often. I think some runners forget what it feels like to be running at 28 years old and to run pain and/or injury free. Granted following a very well laid out training plan, getting enough rest, and eating properly is what allows me to be the best I can.
Look at all those teeth!

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  1. I think it is best to just smile and nod, as you have been doing. :)

    You know what is best for you and you are doing great! Experience is the best teacher, I find.

    You kids are so cute! I love that you make so much of their clothing.