Saturday, July 14, 2012

Feeling run down.

Shhh wanna know something? It's 8:30am on a Saturday morning and I do not want to run. I've got 24km to get through today and I will go out and do it, but wanted to share with you all that I have these moments too. My hubby went to a party last night (which I was fine with) and he left after bed time for the girls but he wasn't home till really late. Some idiots on the street were blaring music until after midnight so getting Katrina to stay asleep was very hard. I got her calmed down, and asleep and the music finally stopped, around 12:15am. It took me a while longer to fall asleep and just before 6am the itty bitty was up again. So I'm going to run 24k on roughly 5 hours of sleep. I'll do it but it'll be SLOW. And I'm sad to say my first attempt at overnight oatmeal didn't turn out so well (though I ate it anyway) so I guess I need to try a new recipe or buy the quicker cooking oatmeal.

I'll try to post again after my run.


  1. How do you find running in the heat? I went out at around 7 am this morning and it was already so warm, which made my run tough. Do you have any tips for keeping cool?

    I hope the 24 km went well. You are a trooper!! Have a great day with your family. :)

  2. I'm right there with you on feeling run down. Alice had an OK sleep last night but, this past week, she's been sort of a mess during the night. I think it's all catching up to me today!

    My plan is to do a long bike ride tomorrow as I was just too tired this morning. Hope your run went well!