Thursday, July 5, 2012

Good and Bad news.

So the bad news is that despite the gorgeous cool weather outside right now I am not outside running. I got a blister on each heel on Tuesday walking to the car in the rain and they are not healed enough yet. I tried to run on them and they both started to hurt in less than 0.25km so I just came home to nurse them. I need them to heal for my training runs next week and figured that since this week is a rest week I'd just take an extra rest day and not stress out about it. I had covered them in bandages and tied my shoes a bit looser around them, but it did not help. So, I guess it's "Hurry for extra resty rest week"!

The good news is that I randomly decided to try and weigh myself again this morning and I like today's scale much better than yesterdays. I was down to 147.8lbs so I'm going to take today's WI instead! Is that allowed you ask? Well, I don't care because after a few weeks of hanging around this silly old 149 I'll take that 147.8 thank you very much and run with it (though not actually run today - heels remember)!
Lilly in the tube.
Now please  enjoy some of the awesome photos from our July 2nd bike ride and park trip!
Alice and Katrina on the airplane.

Steve and Lillian on the airplane.

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  1. Oooooo. Blisters are a runner's worst nightmare. Sending you blister-healing thoughts! Good luck!