Monday, July 30, 2012

No more excuses!

I was reminded of this by a friend the other day. I suggested to her that we go for a run and she said it was supposed to be hot all week. I had to laugh because I'm visiting for one afternoon and she actually said hot all week. I even offered to push the heavy kids, but that's okay. It did make me think about giving up the excuses in my life too.

Yes I do lots to keep my girls well fed but some days I slack and feed them hot dogs or let Katrina not eat her veggies and Lillian have too much juice. Whenever that happens, but I feel like I should try harder. The same with cleaning. After they go to bed at 8pm and I'm tired and should clean up the house, I don't and instead go watch tv or read in bed. I also have been slacking a bit in my own eating lately. I find myself in the pantry nibbling on crap far too often lately. This is my weakness, and I need to drop my excuses and work hard on getting in more fruit, veggies, multi-grain carbohydrates and lean protein. So my focus for the next week, while I am on a rest week is to avoid the sugary junk and instead eat the good, wholesome food, that I know my body needs for training.

I also have to focus on getting my cross training workouts in. I keep making excuses to myself because I am very busy with feeding my family, keeping my house clean, eating right, running a lot, and everything else that my life is filled up with. I know it's hard right now to add another thing on my plate but if I want to succeed in this marathon training I need to stop wussing out and really push myself out of my comfort zone, even if it hurts.

So this week I'm going to do my cross training and avoid processed crap to eat good wholesome food instead. Wish me luck. 

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