Monday, July 2, 2012

Quickie Post.

Happy Belated Canada day everyone! We had such great plans for yesterday but sadly Lillian wasn't quite back to normal so we stayed home to prevent a crisis or potty emergency for her. We still had fun though. We made pizza, the babies napped, we ate raspberries (our bush won't stop growing berries), and Steve got the day off and could program and read to his hearts content. He took our little ladies to visit his dad, brother and grandma on Saturday so I got a day off too.

Today we made all about the family. We enjoyed a nice bike ride around the neighborhoods and hit up two parks so the girls could play in new play parks. I have to say it was a little crazy that I've only biked 3 times since 2008 when I hurt my back, and somehow I ended up being the one to pull the girls in the stroller. I have no idea who thought that was a good idea, but apparently I did! So we figured that should count as cross training for me, and sets a great example for our girls!

We want to be that crazy active family that takes the babies out on bike rides or runs or hikes and all that wonderful stuff. I am thrilled that they are so good going out with us, though Katrina still needs to get used to the bike helmet and stop screaming every single time she wears it!

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