Sunday, July 22, 2012

Running wounds.

So I suffered my first running injury on my long run on Saturday. I got runners toe. Now that isn't usually something I would brag about but it is a big deal to me. I ran 26km successfully without passing out or almost passing out, so that was a huge step for me. I felt like all I did Friday night and Saturday morning was eat, but it was worth it for me to not have found myself on the floor again post run.

Anyway, after getting back from this super long run, I had a huge blister on my right foot, another small one on the left, and my left toe had a purple nail. I watched it get a bit darker over the day, and googled it after the family reunion and sure enough, runners toe. What that means is I bruised my toe and blood was collecting underneath my nail, which is what was making it purple. It's not exactly lovely to look at but considering it doesn't hurt anymore, I'll wear it with pride. That is until I get sick of looking at it, and paint my toe nails!

In happier news we had a great family day today, and despite the heat I got my 5km in (thought I did so on the treadmill - figured I owed my feet a nice gentle run) which pushed me over 50km this week for the first time this training cycle and only for the 2nd time ever, if I remember correctly. So that is a huge achievement. I also did that with a seriously horrible ear ache and sore throat. Tonight I'm about 50% back to normal, and during the day I was 75% so I am crazy proud of myself for pushing myself to run during this sickness. But I did rest as much as possible around my runs and Steve was a huge help with the girls! He really stepped up to the plate this weekend to help me sleep off my ear ache and sore throat.

We had some wonderful adventures and a few "what the!" this weekend. Mainly the girls both going into the kiddy pool fully clothed, but that did spark my new motto which you can see under the photo. We also let them run wild at the family reunion yesterday (because I was too tired to chase them) and they spent a lot of time outside having a blast this weekend. I think under-scheduling ourselves this summer was a great idea!
Don't get mad get photos.
Daddy pushing the ladies on the tricycle.
Our little miss sunshine!

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