Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Training Tuesday - Week 7 of 22

Can you believe another week of training is already over? This puts me at 1/3 of the way through training before my half marathon! I have a bad habit of calling it a half marathon when I am actually going to be running a full marathon!

My tempo run on Tuesday was a challenge. My first two km were VERY slow and after a 7:07 in the first one (I was supposed to hit 6:40) I told myself if I didn't see a 6:4x in the 2nd one I could turn around and run home and call it my easy run for the week, but luckily I picked things up and managed to pull out a 6:38 average and that includes running the last 0.3km up a crazy hill. I am very proud of this run.

My easy runs went well. On Wednesday I did it in the evening because the babies weren't feeling well and I knew I would be home with them on Thursday and figured the stress of getting up and running was something we didn't need. So as soon as Steve got home he let me go run and it went fine. Sunday's easy run was much faster than I expected after my longest long run every on Saturday.

My long run was the longest run of my life to date! Cecilia came over and did it with me. Because she only had to do 14km so we ran that, and then popped into the house to refill our water, hit the bathroom, eat some toast and head out for the rest of my distance. I had another 8km to run so Cecilia hoped on Steve's bike and rod beside me. I am so glad that she was there because that last km was really hard, and I was really tired and having her there made it much easier to push through. I also learned that I need to eat a lot more on hot days like that. My bowl of oatmeal, toast with almond butter, 2 litres of water, 1 large iced glass of nuun, and running cookie, were not enough to keep me from ending up on the floor after the 22k. Lucky for me Cecilia was there to get me a cookie and chocolate milk. So lesson learned and the next time I do a long run like that I'll make sure to have an extra cookie or two with me!

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