Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wonderful start to the weekend.

Our Saturday was wonderful. We had friends over for dinner so a lot of the day was spent cooking, but that's alright since I love to cook. We made our feast for our friends, and both of us got a run in. Mine was outside and was sooo slow. I figured that with the heat this week, giving blood on Friday, having two healing blisters on my feet, and being utterly exhausted, I did just fine. Steve managed to run on the treadmill and once he was done, I got to tiddy the house for our visitors. 

For our meal, we made all of the following and it was all super yummy:
  • italian grilled cheese bread
  • garden salad
  • turkey meatballs
  • chicken skewers
  • fresh veggies
  • double chocolate brownies
  • old fashioned vanilla ice cream
After everything was cleaned up I even had a bit of time to sew. I'm trying to turn the pattern for boxers into shorts for my girls so that I can make some cutsie shorts for them from all my girlie fabric and I think I have figured out how to mange it. Now I just need to get some more frilly fabric to make Lillian some dress up skirts!

Friday was also a lovely day for me. I booked the afternoon off work so that Cecilia and I could go donate blood. It was my first time giving blood so I wanted to go with an expert and she's done it loads of times. It ended up taking about 1:20 to get signed in, donate, eat our cookies, etc.. which I felt was a bit long, but it's okay because I won! They say it takes women 10-15 minutes to donate blood and I only took 8. Apparently I have good veins and blood! Woot! After that we headed out for lunch to the Works (that great burger place I went to before) and then headed to run a few errands. We grabbed a few groceries from the Valu Mart, bought a shirt from Reitmans and picked up athletic tape for me to wear on my run on Saturday. Then I picked up my babies and headed home to prepare the food for the dinner on Saturday.

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