Sunday, August 12, 2012

5k on 5 hours sleep.

You know you're obsessed with running when you punch out a 5k run on 5 hours sleep. So if you haven't figured it out, I got only 5 hours sleep last night because Katrina was up with a fever last night. We suspect a flu of some kind since she went to bed fine at 7pm and then just before 10pm she was up and very hot. We took her temperature at it was 100.2 under her armpit (which is a fever in baby armpit readings) so we gave her advil and let her try to get back to sleep. She tossed and turned and was up, down, sleeping ect.. until around 11:30 when she finally settled down and I went to bed. But at 11:49 she woke us both up crying, so we got her out and Steve gave her a bit of milk, and then she threw up all over me, repeatedly around midnight. Steve took care of bathing her, while I showered, and then she literally passed out on him while he was trying to give her a drink of water, so he put her down and she was out until 6:30am. So up again at 6:30am with her, she was still hot, so we went downstairs to play and hang out on the non-carpet area just in case. She has been fine for most of the morning but is still a bit warm so we're keeping an eye on her, and she'll say home with me tomorrow from daycare.

Doesn't she look like an 80's baby!
But back to my title, and topic. She went down for a little nap around 9am and I got changed and headed out for my recovery run. My legs felt like lead, and I'm sore all over from a serious lack of sleep, combined with my long run yesterday. But the point is that I sucked it up and ran, and rocked it. I did perfectly fine for an easy run with a faster pace than I managed on Thursday so I'm please with my commitment despite a lack of sleep since I could have easily just said "too tired" and not gone out at all. Frankly I'm just glad this hit us on Saturday night and not Friday night. Having a sick baby is bad at the best of times, but having it happen the night before a 30k run would have been a disaster, and I would not have been able to complete that run. So thankfully it just meant that I am ridiculously sleep deprived today and will lose my Monday rest day again but that is alright. I get to be there for my sicky boo baby and that is more important than a few extra hours sleep.

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