Friday, August 24, 2012

Healthy weight and healthy lunches!

I haven't written about my weight in a while and thought I should provide a bit of an update on that matter. My goal has been to remain between 147 and 149 pounds during my marathon training and as of this week I have done so. I weighed in twice this week for the fun of it and one day was 148.4 and the other was 147.8lbs. So I have been working hard and eating the right food to fuel my body but not going overboard on my treats, and the result has been maintaining my weight for 4 months now. I was always concerned about how I would manage to stay the same weight after getting down to my goal, so it is really great for me to see that I am doing a good job of it now. Part of it is just finding the right balance between running and eating to burn off all the calories I eat, without feeling deprived. At this time I do NOT feel deprived in my eating. I went for lunch to pizza hut and had ice cream on Wednesday when I had a lunch date with my husband. I'm going out to the Mandarin with my family on Sunday to celebrate my father-in-law's birthday, followed by cake at home! But I ate a lot of homemade bean soup, crust-less zucchini pie (from, simple sandwiches, egg white veggie omelets, with loads of fresh fruits and veggies.

So I have learned that eating good healthy food most of the time, combined with exercise allows me to maintain my weight loss without stress or extreme measures. My reward for all this is that I'm going to go with my husband next week to pick out some environmental lunch containers. I want those lovely metal ones with dividers to bring all my healthy snacks and food to work with me every day! They can also be used to haul around my kids snacks on weekends, and if they get thrown from a stroller will survive (unlike glass). I love having fun, different lunches, and making food fun means that it's much easier for me (and my family) to enjoy the healthy food that I cook for us.

Has anyone ever purchased any of these lunch box containers or sets and has opinions on them? I like getting reviews and opinions form people. What's also great is we have a local store that sells a ton of different kinds (both in a store and online) so we can actually go look at them and see which ones we like before we buy. Takes some of the risk out of buying them online, since they are pretty pricey.

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