Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pep talk!

My coach is far away right now living an awesome adventure of a trip with her mother, and she messaged me all the way from there, and it made me so happy! I expected her to be out of contact until she came back so it was nice to get an email pep talk from her. I was having a horrible night and just hearing from her made me feel better. She chatted with me about my hip pain on the weekend, gave me some tips for dealing with it, asked how I was feeling, and encouraged me. So now I am super excited and looking forward to my final run on the weekend. Then I can rest Saturday and Sunday before my tempo run on Monday.

So now I'm feeling happier about the whole thing and feel special about her emailing me! I think I'll make her lunch on her first day back since I have to pick up her veggies for her on the labour day Monday so she won't have any food when she's home.

Alright time for me to go to bed!

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