Saturday, August 25, 2012

The day my run failed.

So today I was supposed to run 32km and today was the first time I failed to go the full distance on a run. The weather was HOT (30 feels like 35) and while running my first 20km outside my hip started to hurt, and once I got home from that loop I jumped on the treadmill to finish my run and within a few kms my hip was hurting AGAIN. So I made the choice to get off the treadmill and end my run even though I wasn't at my full distance. I wish I had gone my full 32km but I know it was the right choice. I've gotten some good feedback from fellow runners and I've made peace with it. I'm also pretty sure that my coach would have approved of my choice had she been here.

I stole this photo from someone else's site (click it to see)
On the positive note, my run was not all bad. I managed to do a really good deed today. As I was running I spotted one of these guys on the road. Being the nature lover I am, I stopped and helped the little guy across the road. I was feeling all good about myself and then I looked over and oh crap there were more of them! 5 more of them! So I had to turn around and help 5 more baby snapping turtles off the road. They were seriously tiny little guys, almost as small as the ones in the photo to the left. My husband was very pleased that I stopped to save them but disappointed that he wasn't there since he's never seen a snapping turtle.

So now I can add adventures with turtles to my list of animals that have come to harass me on my run, but these little guys were cute and special (since I found broken egg shells on the side of the road) since I got to save them instead of being bitten by them! So even if I felt bad about not getting my full distance in, I've made peace with it and can move on. I still have 7 weeks of training to get through and missing 8km will NOT make or break my marathon! A lot of people believe in me and I need to add my name to that list too.

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