Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Training Tuesday - Week 12 of 22

So this week was a rest week, meaning I didn't run as much and I really needed to take it easy.

As you can see I had two nice little easy runs of 8km. Tuesday's was done in the evening and I didn't really want to do it, because I figured Wednesday would be fine, but my coach reminded me of the importance of my cross training. So instead I ran on Tuesday night and biked Wednesday. I used my cross training to run some errands and that's great. I love things that achieve multiple things! So that bike ride allowed me to sign some forms at my dentist, pick myself up some lunch, and drop the bike off for Steve to bike home from work. Thursday I was at home on a day off to do some stuff around the house, so I managed to fit it in nicely around all my tasks and things I wanted to get done.

Finally, my long run on Saturday went well but it was HOT! It was 32, feels like 39 that day so that is brutal! I went running with my coach for part of the run, and she had already gone running when we met up and you could tell it was hot because she had run 7km but looked as if she'd just finished a half-marathon. So I'm thankful that run is over and next time we are starting earlier because 9:30am was too late for a hot day like that.

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