Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Training Tuesday - Week 13 of 22

As far as weeks go I have to say that this one was awesome!

The tempo run this week was new and exciting but got off to a rocky start. As I mentioned earlier this week, I started my first post baby period and having only had one between my girls this one was a WHOPPER and threw me for a loop. I actually was crying my eyes out on the steps when I was tying my shoes to go run. So needless to say it was brutal and emotional to get out running but I did and I'm glad I went when I did because it was a good run after the first 4km were over and my legs found their tempo pace without too much trouble. In the end I pulled off a great run after struggling to get out the door and get things moving in my first few kms. Just goes to show that even a bad, emotional day won't stop me!

So I'll admit that my cross training wasn't the most vigorous or lengthy activity this week, but I got some in. I managed to do a stretching DVD on Friday evening at home. Considering I was exhausted on Wednesday I am glad I got something in since I couldn't go too crazy on Friday when I had to do a long, long run on Saturday. My easy runs were just that, easy runs that were completed as expected and nothing more. Unless you count my 5k on Sunday that was run on 5 hours of sleep, but that's life as a running mommy. Oh I did manage to avoid tempo pace! Woot!

My long run on this week was my second longest run I will be doing before this race. I broke into a new decade with 30.16km and I could have kept on going. I felt awesome even though the weather seemed to be against me. I ran the run in 3 parts, 12.5km, 10.76km and 6.95km. The first part was nothing special and was just a standard 12.5km run on my select route, and I wore my new bra and green shoes (size 9.5), and ate my blocks. When I got back I switched to my pink shoes (size 10) and refilled my stuff and headed out again. I didn't even make it to the end of the block when it started to rain, and continued for about 5km. So now I was wet and my shoes went squish. According to Steve Lillian was dancing in the rain and he told her mommy was running and it was raining, so she told him that "Mommy's shirt will be wet. Mommy will need new shirt, and shocks and shoes!" I ate my blocks and cookie on my second lap and when I got home I got a new shirt, new socks and shoes! I put on my new shoes, with new socks and ran the last 6.95km with my new candy running fuel. Mmmm swedish fishies! And when I got home I still felt good enough to let Steve take a nap for an hour and handled the girls myself.

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