Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Training Tuesday - Week 14 of 22

So this week was a crazy running week for this running mama! This week is actually slotted to be my 5th highest mileage of the whole training run and was my hardest speed run of the whole thing.

As I mentioned above my speed run this week was the hardest speed run that I am doing in this whole training plan. I was at home with a sick baby Katrina on Tuesday (she had a fever from Saturday to Tuesday) so that meant mommy was not running outside and this run was done on my treadmill. Lucky for me since I could really ensure that I hit my required pace without slowing down. I ran the 1 mile in s few speeds. I did 0.4 at 6.0mph and then 0.2 at 6.1mph followed by 0.4 at 6.0mph. In the end it was very hard, but I could cheer myself on as much as I wanted and needed to because I was on my treadmill and no one could laugh at me.

My easy runs this week were pretty standard. I ran at a 7:26 pace one day and 7:33 the other, so these were great and didn't case me too many issues. I enjoyed my Sunday run because the kids were pretty loud that day so I went out without my ipod and just enjoyed 40 minutes of silence.

This week my long run was shorter than last week's run but this time my last 5km were run at the pace I'll have to hold during the marathon. I did a 6 min run / 1 min walk at an average pace of 6:45 / 9:00. The pace breakdown of the 5km was 6:34 - 6:51 - 6:53 - 6:55 - 6:34 and I was pretty happy with that. To be honest, my legs did not have the same pep that they usually have in the past few weeks. I am not sure if it was because I had risotto instead of pasta on Friday night, or if it was because I had a gel on my run instead of my running cookie, but I think it was more likely a combination of lack of sleep earlier in the week (again sick baby), combined with the hard speed run and the change of Friday night dinner. So next week I'll be having my pasta again on Friday night.

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